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Music is the
Language of Emotion

How much of our lives are influenced by emotion? How much of that influence can we control? The answer is: ALL OF IT. When you understand your emotions, you have the power to control your emotions, and music is the key. 


Learn to understand, control, and convey your emotions through the Power of Music. Emotional Health is the key to a happy and successful life, and Shaun Barrowes will take you there.


Shaun Barrowes' expert keynote address will revolutionize the way you think of emotions and their contributions to mental health. His insights will help you understand just how powerful and underrated music is, and how it can truly breathe life into you when you really need it! 


Music brings truths to the surface. It helps you remember things you once knew. One of those truths should always be an innate belief in yourself and your true potential. By reminding yourself of your immense self-worth, you'll always have a sense of purpose in your life. 

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