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School Assemblies & Workshops

The Power of Music

Music has the power to heal, to bring us together, to connect our emotions, and help us make sense of our problems and the troubles surrounding us.  Music is the universal language that penetrates to the heart and lifts us when everything else falls short.  In our world plagued with tragedies, divisions, and conflict, music can be the simple answer that reminds us of our commonalities and our humanity. 

Children in Classroom

Interactive Assemblies


Assembly breakdown:

1) Musical performances by Shaun Barrowes and often featuring top students from the school

2) Three simple steps explained on how to harness the power of music to help manage mental health

3) Stories told by Shaun Barrowes of his experiences on television, as a touring artist, and as a author/creator to help students understand how music has helped him manage his own mental and emotional health challenges

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