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Harness the Power of Creativity in 4 Steps

Time and again, this four-step approach I've dubbed my "Power Playlist" has been my secret weapon. It's more than just a method; it's been a journey of resilience, innovation, emotional balance, and endless motivation. This strategy has not only paved the way for monumental achievements in my career but also enriched my personal life in unimaginable ways, including forging deep connections and even leading me to meet my wife. It's the essence of channeling the full spectrum of creativity, allowing me to charge headfirst into the unknown with all reckless abandon and emerge victoriously. This Power Playlist has been the linchpin in truly unlocking and leveraging the dynamism of creativity to shape a successful and fulfilling life.

Four Steps to Success

1. **Release the Beast**: The pain of almosts and failures, our unfulfilled desires and ambitions, and the roller-coaster ride of life can all feel overwhelming. Heavy emotions can cloud our vision and even bury us. They can't remain bottled up. We need to let them out and give them their time in the sun. The Power Playlist serves as a catalyst for this release. We need to take the time to unburden ourselves from this emotional load before we can move on, unshackled and free.  

2. **Unleash your Mind**: Liberated from the grasp of those heavy emotions, our minds are ready to take flight. During this phase, we take the time to soar into the stratosphere and explore, envisioning our situation from an elevated vantage point. Our inspirational tools and creative outlets provide a gateway to seeing the world and our unique problems from fresh perspectives, sparking transformative ideas. 

3. **Build the Blueprint**: Every great idea needs a blueprint—a concrete plan that brings the abstract to life. The "Power Playlist" nurtures our creativity, guiding our thoughts as we outline the steps ahead. It's about turning vision into action, dream into reality.

4. **Launch that Rocket**: Don't wait. Hit the pavement running. You've got your killer idea and your plan for implementation, now it's time to be bold and DO IT! 

These four steps have not only helped me become more resilient, they've also sparked innovative solutions to my challenges. They've reinvigorated me when I've felt drained, motivating me to move forward. With my Power Playlist, I've learned how to face the world from a position of balance and strength. 


"Shaun's a master of his craft and a wonderful role model for all people, not just students." - Earl Hurrey, former Walt Disney Entertainment Manager and Deputy Executive Director of the National Association for Music Education. 

A thrilling message and musical performance

Shaun is one of the most entertaining and inspiring talents of our time. Mix in an Emmy-nominated artist, add his captivating storytelling and wild musical challenges, top it off with a message that'll pierce you directly to the heart, and you have Shaun Barrowes. His content and performance are both youth-tested and parent-approved! 

Students, teachers, and parents constantly praise Shaun's powerful insights and unique approach to bouncing back from life's hardest challenges.


About Shaun Barrowes

Award-Winning, Bestselling YA Fantasy Author


Emmy-Nominated Composer for his song, "Army of Kings"


Top 30 Contestant on 
American Idol, Season 7

Performer with Bands/Artists including: Janelle Monae
Imagine Dragons 
Lindsey Stirling

Songwriter for Jackie Chan and his Green Heroes tour

jackie chan.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 12.14.35 PM.png

Songwriter, Music Producer, and Video Co-Producer for "Being Awesome", with almost 430 Million Views on YouTube

Singer and Songwriter for the theme song "Light of the Day/Dark of the Night" for Shadow Complex by Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite. 

slice the pie.png

Winner of $30,000 Songwriting contest, Slice the Pie

show choir.jpeg
drum corps.jpeg

Featured Guest performer for Drum Corps International and Bands of America at Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis), and for Fame ShowChoirs National Championship

Producer and Performer of Reel Sessions at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London

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