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  • Shaun Barrowes

Feelings Are Mentionable and Manageable

"If we...can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable we will have done a great service for mental health" - Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers is one of my favorite public figures of all time. He had so many great views on the world that helped us all take a step back from the rat race and realize there's more to life. I love how he valued silence and self-reflection. Taking time out of every day to listen to your thoughts and feelings is vital to one's mental health.

I grew up in a world where it was taboo for men to share their feelings. We bottled it up, toughened up, and carried on. But it's actually better for us to share how we feel. We need that release so we can figure out those feelings before they explode.

Feelings should always be mentionable and manageable. We should never shame someone for sharing their feelings. Music does exactly this in so many ways. For one, it helps us understand our feelings. Taking time out of our day to stop, do nothing, and listen to music will help us reflect on all the emotions swirling inside us. Two, it helps us share our feelings when expressing them in regular conversation is hard. It can help break down barriers so we feel more comfortable opening up in regular conversation.

Music is an excellent tool for mental health, and most people don't use it. I'm currently trying to book as many high schools across the country as I can to teach these principles. Whether it's with assemblies or workshops, my goal is to reach as many students as I can and get this message across. This is something ALL schools should be already teaching their kids, but they fail to do so. It's imperative all children understand the power of emotions, and feelings, and how music can help them understand and convey them.

If you know of any schools that would love to have me come and share this in an assembly or workshop, please email us at:

Feelings are Mentionable and Manageable
Mister Rogers

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