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  • Shaun Barrowes

Music for Mental Health - Purple Rain

Everyone knows the iconic song, Purple Rain, by Prince. Why is this on my list? Between the gut-busting guitar solo and the high vocal wails at the end of the song, it's the perfect sonic example of a therapeutic emotional release. If you take the time to really stop the world around you and listen for the full eight minutes, you'll find yourself strumming along to the solo and singing along at the end. I don't know what state of mind Prince was in when he wrote the song, or when he performed it in the studio, but it feels like there's an underlying pain he's expressing with this song. We've all felt the pain of loss, unrealized dreams, unrequited love, or nostalgic regret, and this song finds the distinct resonant tone of that pain. At least that's what it does to me when I give it a real listen.

Put on your best headphones or crank the speakers, shut off the world, sit back and really listen to this track. Hopefully, you'll see what I mean.


music for mental health live for music
Music for mental health purple rain by prince

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