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How Music has Helped with my Anxiety and Depression

For those of us who feel overwhelming #anxiety, #depression, or stress, music can help. It has helped me for the past three decades, and now It's time to share some of what I've learned.

We clearly see a desperate need in the world for solutions to the growing mental health problem. As one who has often been hit with debilitating anxiety or depression, I've spent thousands of hours searching for solutions. As I explored religions, spirituality, self-help books, traveling, nature, and many other purported solutions, I knew I needed something more. For one, these options weren't always available. Two, many of them require a great deal of time, and as someone with an incredibly busy schedule, time is rarely afforded to me in extra doses.

Music provided an answer. Thanks to new developments In technology over the past few decades, music Is always accessible. It also only requires a few minutes of my time. The effort It takes to press play on my Inspirational Music playlist Is next to nothing, and even when I'm flattened to the ground from stress, anxiety, or depression, I can still manage to press play. Music breathes life back Into me. It helps me understand the tornado of complicated emotions that weaken my knees. It helps my mind wander freely In search of real solutions to my current status. Music has saved my life many times In my 43 years of living.

I encourage everyone to create a playlist of songs that Inspire them. Add and remove to the list over time, tailoring It specifically to you. Every day, take a few minutes out of your day to mindfully listen to your playlist. Find your calm. Restore your emotional balance. I recommend doing this at the start of every day, so you approach each day from a position of strength and balance. This Is one of the many ways music can help all of us find a semblance of peace In a crazy world.

Music helps with Anxiety and Depression
How Music has helped with my anxiety and depression

By: Shaun Barrowes

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