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  • Shaun Barrowes

Rise in Adderall causes shortage

More and more kids are being diagnosed with ADHD, one of the main reasons Adderall is in short supply. Are these kids being misdiagnosed? Are doctors too quick to prescribe medication? Possibly. But we also need to look at the underlying problem which is the rampant rise in anxiety and depression among our teens. Why is there growing uncertainty and fear in our rising generations? One can only speculate, but to paint in broad strokes, it's highly due to the current political climate that has severely divided us. Fighting and bickering online has become more and more pervasive, and younger generations are now feeling the stress of it all. The future of the world is feeling less and less secure as arguments turn to fighting that leads to hard lines in the sand.

How do people cope with all the anxiety and stress? They've been reaching out to doctors for Adderall.

While many solutions could be provided for our current climate, one that will definitely help reduce stress is the effective use of music in our lives. Music brings people together. It helps us break down barriers that separate us. It also helps every individual better understand our own chaotic emotions. Understanding our emotions help us deal with others in a healthy and civil manner. If we're emotionally stable when we approach people we disagree with, we're less likely to explode and escalate the situation. Most likely, we'll avoid those heated arguments altogether. The bitter exchanges we can't avoid, we'll at least better deal with. Music helps connect the emotional dots within us so we can not only better understand what we're feeling, but also better express those feelings. We need to find music that inspires us, that helps us connect those dots, so we can approach our neighbors, family and friends from a position of strength and love, rather than as ticking time bombs just ready to blow.

Create a song playlist of songs that can bring you down off that ledge and restore your calm. Here's mine.

Music for mental health
America's Adderall shortage

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